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I am Frost

Berlin, Germany House Tech House Deep House Techno

Dj, Producer, Live-Act

I am Frost aka René Frost was born in 1987 in the German village of Feldberg and currently lives in the capital of techno, Berlin. It was at Fusion Festival 2005 where René first experienced that magic moment that infected him with a passion for electronic music. When he returned back home he immediately bought his first two turntables, a mixer and a small bundle of vinyl. In 2009 he left his village to study music production at the SAE Institute in Berlin and soon became a part of the artist collective Vergissmeinnicht. In 2013 he started playing his own liveset and re-launched himself with a new name with his first gig at 3000°-Festival. In the same year he released his debut EP – The Path to Cognition feat. Robin Schulz Remix back when Robin was totally unknow. In April 2014 he released the song Noom on the first Jannowitz Records Compilation followed by his second EP – No Way Out feat. Tinush Remix. In 2015 Mr. Frost released his third EP – Freaks of Nature – with Remixes by Florian Rietze + Rich & Maroq on the Berlin based label Mischpoke. Right now I am Frost is working on new material for 2016 that is sure to attract the attention of a few major players on the clubbing scene.

//history (extract)

30.09.16 @ Freigeister (MS Stubnitz, Hamburg)
29.09.16 @ Berlin Night (Sauna-Klub, Wolfsburg)
09.09.16 @ An Board (MS Stubnitz, Hamburg)
02.09.16 @ Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach (Club Favela, Münster)
29.08.16 @ Montag auf Cräck (Crack Bellmer, Berlin)
27.08.16 @ Birgit in Wonderland (Birgit & Bier, Berlin)
13.08.16 @ Wilde Möhre Festival 2016
13.05.16 @ Montag auf Cräck (Crack Bellmer, Berlin)
19.02.16 LIVE @ Der Schalk im Nacken (Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock)
29.01.16 @ Firlefranz (R19, Berlin)
23.01.16 @ Vergissmeinnicht (PL)
28.12.15 @ Montag auf Cräck (Crack Bellmer, Berlin)
03.10.15 @ Die Katze auf dem heißen Blechdach (Club Favela, Münster)
25.06.15 LIVE @ Natürlich Irre Festival (Open Air, Neustrelitz)
23.06.15 @ Birgit & Bier (Berlin)
23.05.15 @ Freigeist (Prinzenbar, Hamburg)
04.05.15 @ Montag auf Cräck (Crack Bellmer, Berlin)
01.04.14 @ Follow the Rabbit (Festung Mark, Magdeburg)
28.02.15 @ Kubla Khan (Rummel Bucht, Berlin)
13.02.15 @ Gedankenklang (Rosies, Berlin)
07.02.15 @ Rummels Klubnacht (Rummels Bucht, Berlin)
27.12.14 LIVE @ Irrlichterliebe (Kultstätte Keller, Berlin)
21.11.14 LIVE @ Vergissmeinnicht Night (Fundbureau, HH)
26.10.14 @ Chatuchak Weekend Market Open Air (Bangkok, THA)
19.09.14 @ Harmonie im Bassgewitter (Fundbureau, HH)
13.09.14 @ Sandman goes Wild (Open Air, Berlin)
05.09.14 @ Die Katze auf dem heissen Blechdach (Favela, Münster)
09.08.14 LIVE @ Wilde Möhre Festival (Nähe Cottbus, BB)
30.05.14 LIVE @ 10:10, Weidendamm, Hannover
01.05.14 @ Vergissmeinnicht Open Air (B)
16.02.14 LIVE @ Café Gold (Zürich, CH)
15.02.14 LIVE @ Vergissmeinnicht Night (Kiste Baden, CH)
11.02.14 @ Dienstagswelt, MIKZ, Berlin
18.01.14 @ Gans oder Kranich, Docks, HH
24.08.13 LIVE @ Freiluftfestival (Usedom, MV)
17.08.13 LIVE @ 3000° Festival (secret location, MV)
20.07.13 LIVE @ Herrlich Tanzen OA (Ballwitz, MV)
26.07.13 LIVE @ Miau (Morlox, B)

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