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Pisa Province of Pisa, Italy Deep House House DJ Tools

my name is Matteo I was born in 1985, follow the music, thanks to my father as a child listening to vinyl look, I approach the age of 10 years to hip hop, I begin to follow the underground scene american in after approaching the Italian scene first as writers then with breakers, and is propio by the break that I approach slowly with more awareness to the music, trying hard and playing them as a DJ in the footsteps of dJ / producers like, jay dee, dj premier, pete rock, jazzy jeff .. in 2005 began to approach to soul music, African and brasilian .. arriving for the event to listen to the compilation of louie vega dance ritual and I am fascinated by the opportunity to consolidate the passion is in 2006 where I have the opportunity to feel vega play live, 3 hour dJ set unforgettable. will begin the search for the roots of house music, from lerry Levan at walter gibbons up to the master at work, tony Humphries frankie knuckles, david morales,franck roger ,kerry chandler etc ... over the years begin to explore the many facets of music artists such as getting to know u ness, davidson Ospina, alix alvarez,fabio genito,black coffee,boddhi satva,anane from which I draw inspiration. in 2010 began to try to produce music with great humility, trying to blend my musical influences into a single product that can reflect my personality and my idea of ​​music.
. . inaugurated in 2011 on my channel where soundcloud load my music for free that I need to understand the reactions of listeners, driven by favorable opinions to try to approach them with the record labels. peace !

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