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DJ WaY uP HigH

Vail, CO, USA DJ Tools Hardcore / Hard Techno Glitch Hop +15

Come get lost in a world of none stop dancing and find your self in a universe of soft and plesent melodies which well have you in a whirlwind of BASS, IT'LL LEAVE YOU BREATHTAKEN
^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

From producing to DJing clubs, venues, house parties and many more events, DJ WaY uP HigH or also know as Be-Bell is the reason why we keep are faith in the genre of Drum & Bass, (well atleast the good ol' taste and style from the 90's). You can find DJ WaY uP HigH preforming at local clubs and venues in the lovely Vail, CO which also host shows for acts like, "Bassnectar" and "Marty Party". You can also find him in local areas in Denver, CO and sometimes out west in Phoenix, AZ

DJ WaY uP High is simular to:
High Contrast, Break, Netsky, Scuba, Mutt, Jazz Thieves, Duoscience, Etherwood, Shy FX, Paul SG, Young Ax, S.P.Y, Reso, Danny Byrd, Sub Focus, Grafix, Logistics, London Elektricity, Pendulum, DJ Marky, DJ Hype, DJ Shadow, Raw Theory, MAM, Utah Jazz, Above & Beyond, Brookes Brothers, Modestep, Nu:Tone

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