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Perfect Specimen Project

Fortaleza - Ceará, Brazil Psy-Trance

Perfect Specimen Project AKA Paulo Ivo Furtado, Dj formed the nucleus Zonavibe (Fortaleza-CE) in 2009. Today and one of the most respected and sought Djs Progressive Brazilian Scene. His presentations are always explosive, intense. His sets always psychedelic for perfection, always in constant research work, in pursuit of perfecting techniques and mixes, keeping the fine line between Psychedellic Trance / Tech / Dubstep.

Having performed whenever the main parties and festivals, such as the last Terra em Transe Festival ( Garces Beach - Bahia - Brazil ). Has shared the stage with greats National and World Trance as: E-Jeckt, Ekanta, Neuropipes, Earthspace, Anginha, Low Resolution, Two Faces, Kronic, Mental Brod Cast, Twenty Eight, Shove, Pedrão, Mind Paradise, Sensient, Shekinah, Nevermind, Swarup Brain, Nano Rex, Zombie, E-Clip, Hux Flux, Yagé, Filteria, Abstract Sunrise, AKD, Biogenesis, Pspiralife, Shotu, Rinkadink, EVP, Reality Grid, Naked Turist, Onionbrain, Via Axis, Psychowave , Xpiral among others.

Today and Founding Partner of M.U.V Alternative Culture .
The M.U.V Alternative Culture born with the purpose of uniting art and alternative culture for the entertainment of human transformation. Celebrating the renovation and opening of new paths. The core mission is to gather always what is best in performing arts, integrating in a concrete cultural diversities.

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