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Deep House House Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Feeling, sound shaping and color – are the three characteristics that could describe Kres’ music.

Born and raised in Italy, Kres spent his youth connecting midi cables and playing with hardware samplers and mixers in a basement. Fascinated by Hip Hop, Kres started digging for vinyl and making beats when he was just 14, setting up his first rap project and producing MC’s and records.

The hunt for more complex sounds has always been his passion, so he turned towards a more electronic style, landing in the techno and house music environment. After his first remixes and EP as a duo, Kres released his very first solo tracks on Cinematique in 2011, assisted by Paul Hazendonk and Detroit techno legend, DJ 3000.

Feeling the need to create the perfect place in which he could express his vision, Kres started his own label, Rhapsodic Records, a music platform which hosts international producers and Djs alongside new artists.

Since the launch of Rhapsodic, he has released two EPs with remixes of the track Hang Glider by Ryan Davis and Marcin Czubala for the highly acclaimed In the End Is Equal to EP. His works are appreciated and supported by the entire electronic music world: from Moonbeam and Stephan Bodzin to Riva Starr, Pierre Deutschmann, Miss Nine, Daniel Sanchez and more.

Beside the deep house perfect pattern, Kres combines classical hard beats and complex chords with a melodic but dissonant line, which spices to the point of overcoming the traditional beat.

To experience a whole new melodic concept, smooth textures of comfortable sounds and a continuous music manifesto, be a part of the artist’s forthcoming events and gigs.

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