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Horizon - 24/7 Records

Montreal, QC, Canada Psy-Trance

24/7 records Horizon (UK-DE-FRA) He was introduced to the London underground trance scene in his early years when moving to London. In early 1999, decided to create his own psychedelic parties named Event Horizon. Within one year he accomplished several events presenting top quality artists and each party displaying different themes, decor and vibe. Now based in Montreal, Canada Horizon is continuously pushing his boundaries to present new ideas and concepts either musically or in event organization. With his background in electronic music production he has pushed to develop a unique harmonic djing style to portray maximum energy on international dance floors. Horizon has preformed all over Europe, Mexico, Canada and the US. He has preformed in cities like Graz - Austria, London & Manchester, Playa Del Carmen Mexico, Ottawa & Montreal, San Francisco, New York etc. He is currently working for 24/7 Records presenting exclusive unreleased material in his sets from the label. He released VA - Event Horizon on 24/7 in 2006 & a upcoming VA for 2012 TBA.

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