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Chris Aurelius

Las Vegas, NV, USA House Dance Chill Out Progressive House +19

At the age of twelve, Chris Hlosek, aka "Chris Aurelius," moved overseas due to his father’s Diplomatic job. He was immediately exposed to the European electronic dance culture which started him on his journey with his passion for the music. From living in cities like Kiev, Bucharest, Prague and Durban, just to name a few, Chris developed a style of music which represents a little piece of each place he lived and traveled. Finishing his High School years in Durban, Aurelius learned hands-on techniques from some of the greatest DJ's in the country.

Chris Aurelius has extensive experience in live performance mixing as a professional DJ, including a wide-range of experience and knowledge in beat matching, phrasing, slip-cueing, cutting, beat juggling, scratching, needle drops, phase-shifting and back spinning. He held countless professional performances at wide variety of night clubs and lounges.

Before moving to Las Vegas, Chris Aurelius had been recognized as one of South Africa’s most prestigious DJ's. Aurelius has played at venues around the world with some of the finest local and international DJ talent. Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Aurelius hopes to travel and share his passion for music and bring an amazing experience to the dance floor.

Chris Aurelius has played at clubs internationally as well as in the US. His current residency, going on for 9 years, is Drai’s Afterhours (Las Vegas). Aurelius was able to spotlight at club Essential (San Diego), club Confidential (San Diego), The Wavehouse (San Diego), Airport Lounge (San Diego), Martini Ranch (San Diego), Euphoria (San Jose), B4-twelve Glamorous (Palo Alto), club 10:15 (San Francisco), Ibiza (San Francisco), B96 Radio (Chicago), Cinespace (Los Angeles), Guastavino’s (New York), Tangerine (New York), Haven (Constansa, Romania), Web Club (Bucharest, Romania), Scream (Bucharest, Romania), Club Nexus (Johannesburg, South Africa), Bump (Johannesburg, South Africa), 3:30 (Durban, South Africa), Club Buzio (Maputo, Mozambique), Rain (Las Vegas), Ibiza (Las Vegas), Studio54 (Las Vegas), Tabu (Las Vegas), Baby’s (Las Vegas), C2K (Las Vegas), The Foundation Room (Las Vegas), Jet Nightclub (Las Vegas), and Pure night club (Las Vegas).

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