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dJ cOa

Rijeka, Croatia Electro House Progressive House Minimal +3

My name is Aleksandar Doričić – dJ cOa, and I was born on 12th of January in 1982. When I was 12 years old , I fell in love with electronic music, and since than I've stayed faithfull to it. Because of this love I decided to become a DJ, so I would be able to create the beates that I like the most. Nowadays I work at clubs, and I'm really enjoying it, and people that hear my things are too. I usually play house music, but I'm also mixing techhouse , electrohouse , comercial house , clubhouse , latinohouse, croatian dance music . . . I'm also working my way to the top in production, trying to make new sounds.I hope I'll be as famouse as these great DJs one day, and by that time I would just like to work as a DJ, to play my own music, to give it to those who enjoy listening to electronic music, and hopefully make them happy. Tel. Contact : +385915071670 Thank you for reading this and I'm looking forward to our cooperation.

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