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Alexskyspirit was born in Patras at 1985 and as long as he remembers himself he has always loved electronic music.
His favorite musical instruments were drums and the synthesizer. Sinse he was a little boy he was fond of psychedelic trance. In the age of 16 he fell in love with underground music.
His musical influences at this time were John Digweed,Kid Creme,,Celeda,Cajmere and many others.
He played music for the first time in publc when he was 17 at local clubs of his Hometown & since then he continues playing being a part of several radio stations around Greece .The Last couple of years he hosts his own radioshow called Electronique Destination which broadcasts in three radios at this moment.
His moto : “Always listen to music because it can take you in places you may never visit without it” .
2014 is upon us & Alexskyspirit has made quite an impact in the Greek Underground Scene . Already Played in Bars & Clubs at his hometown & the almighty Maze at Athens . Future will be huge with gigs already planned in London & Berlin .
Except from that he also decided to work on a totally two new projects . Along with 2 of his friends he decided to create a new music portal called Generate Project .Recently he is one of two founders and owners of Cube Project taking place in Patras GR.He will continue expressing his love for Electronic Music

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