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Alexskyspirit was born in Patras and he has always loved electronic music. He started performing as a DJ back in 2002 at local clubs in Patras, as well as in several radio stations around Greece. Apart from that, the last 4 years he runs his own radioshow named "Electronique Destination" which is being broadcasted in three radios. After more than one decade in the music sphere, Alexskyspirit has made quite an impact in the Greek Underground Scene. He has performed in almost every venue in Patras and at the almighty "Maze" club in Athens. His portfolio also includes gigs in London and Berlin.Played along with Jewel Kid,Dax J,Keith Carnal,Spiros Kaloumenos,George Apergis and many others.Apart from DJing, he is also running one music projects. He is the co-founder, co-owner of "The Cube Project", which is about quality techno event series taking place in Patras. In every chance, Alex is expressing his deep love for Electronic Music.

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