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SRW - Digital Frontier Music

Aarhus, Denmark Trance Progressive House Psy-Trance +7

Digital Frontier Music .. will provide you with the ultimate meaning of the electronic music universe

DFM provides a fantastic uplifting and TOP professional event experience that appeals to the serious audience ..

Over the past 30 years, we have sought inspiration from the electronic music scene all over the world, which has led to DJ's and event performance across most of Europe, from northern Scandinavia to southern Spain and Ibiza.

EFM has thereby received many years of experience and passion, which together with our large and world wide network, will guarantee the absolute best result.

Sincerely / Best regards
Digital Frontier Music
Owner & Management Director
Søren R. Winther
Phone: +45 22 23 24 12

For all you beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman ..
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Jump into the haunting electronic music universe, and the ultimate experiences that will surpass in history ..

Welcome and enjoy ..

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