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Jimmy Van M

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Call it serendipity; call it hard work and countless years spent honing a craft that is simply your raison d’être; call it an acute cognisance of what makes the modern music industry tick and an almost visceral awareness of how music is inculcated by the club going fraternity. Whatever defines a career at the vanguard of the underground dance industry for more than 20 years; Jimmy Van M is the epitome of such a definition.

The man responsible for the nascent explosion of dance music across the USA through the “Delta Heavy” tour in 2002, Sasha, Digweed and Jimmy himself were cast firmly in the role of superstar DJs. Crossing America, they played to 85,000 expectant fans with two tour buses and a cutting edge sound and light show on a 45 day tour that would result in unprecedented exposure. From this, the foundations for what would ultimately result in the meteoric rise of the EDM movement across the continent, would be laid.

Born in Belgium but raised in Orlando, Florida, from the age of 10, Jimmy Van M has always had his finger on the pulse of his adopted hometown and along the US East Coast. A renowned promoter with a contact list to match, Van M was responsible for bringing the underground dance community’s biggest names to his back yard and providing them with a playground in which they could truly express themselves as he became a central cog in the dance scene machinery. Furthermore, his residency and connections at New York’s world famous “Twilo” from 1996 until its closure in 2001, laid the foundations for what would ultimately become North America’s dance zenith. A DJ touring schedule to rival any, performances in front of 25,000 revellers at the turn of the millennium in Melbourne and Creamfields appearances in both Moscow and Buenos Aries in 2005 and 2009, are notable highlights in a career that has spanned club floors across the globe.

As a producer, Jimmy continues to excel through an unparalleled dedication and passion for his craft that has led to a similarly vital role and notable influence in the underground dance industry running in parallel to his live work. DJ mixes that have included a realignment of Ministry of Sound’s “Trance Nation” series brought back to credibility and an appearance on the iconic “Balance” series for the 10th instalment in 2006. Furthermore, Van M’s work for Bedrock saw 2001’s “Compiled and Mixed” become the gold standard for the DJ mix compilation format, while 2012’s collaborative work with techno legend, Oliver Lieb, resulted in the formation of the “The Audible Suspects” production soubriquet in 2012. It was thus with the latter that Jimmy Van M was thrust once more into the cutting edge modern techno scene with stunning results and a body of work that perfectly illustrates his rhythmic sensibility, melodic nuance and production flair. Original productions gild the Jimmy Van M portfolio through 2009’s timeless, “My Eyes” for Proton Music (featuring the sublime vocal talents of Steve T), 2013’s “Dreams/Lucid” with production partner, Affkt, on Bedrock and the “Round House EP” for Audionumb Music. Additional appearances on Digweed’s “Structures 2” album and Dave Seaman’s “Renaissance Masters Series” continued to see support from fellow industry tastemakers. Each production thus demonstrates that Van M’s music is as relevant and significant to the industry today as it was during an incipient career in the early 90s.

Reinvigorated by the unique passion for the underground scene found in Latin America, Jimmy’s relocation to the hotbed of house music that is Argentina has once again seen his vision revitalised by multiple new projects including the “Xperimental Mater” vision – a meeting of creative minds through two highly innovative new labels and a syndicated radio show with Grammy Award winning and Babasónicos producer, Diego Tuñón. Furthermore, a new studio located in the cosmopolitan Buenos Aries capital. Work with Spanish producer Affkt has led to additional original and remix work for Bedrock in 2014 as Parquet, Tulipa, Sincopat and Flow Vinyl provided a further spotlight to illuminate Jimmy’s peerless production talent. A regular touring schedule that includes North and South America, mainland Europe and the Middle East ensures that the connection with his audience, so vital to Jimmy’s modus operandi, is maintained and coupled with a club environment that is the perfect proving ground in testing new production material.

An artist who has maintained his position in the upper echelons of the underground dance industry, Jimmy Van M’s ability to adapt, diversify and sustain his relevance in a dynamic and transitory industry has not been achieved by good fortune. Hard work, passion and dedication to his craft have seen Jimmy as vital today as he was in the “Delta Heavy” halcyon days, highlighting and developing conceptual frameworks from which he underpins his musical ideas. An enduring legacy assured, future plans to push the musical boundaries once more into new and exciting arenas is set to see Jimmy Van M’s innovation light up Latin America and his influence extended far beyond.

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