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Stuttgart, Germany Drum & Bass Dubstep

Drum & Bass Dj and Producer C&S
At the tender age of 16 Germany's Stuttgart's Squadron first became aware of the power of electronic music. From 1996- 2001 Squadron was mainly into in the ever-developing Techno scene in his local area and he only listened to DNB occasionally.

It was through listening to artists such as Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company and DJ Trace that Squadron started to leave Techno and move more towards the Drum and Bass scene.

In 2002 he found himself playing Drum and Bass under the name of Dj D-Force on Stuttgart's well established 102.1 FRS radio station. As well as playing regularly on FRS squadron also deejayed at a number of venues in southern Germany.

As Squadron became more involved in the Drum and Bass scene he started to realise the major importance that music production has in electronic music. Opting away from deejaying and highly motivated by the deep Neuro basslines found in the works of producers such as Hedj (R.I.P), Neonlight, Icicle, Future Signal, The Sect, Spy and ASC, Squadron set about producing a Techno minimalistic style of Drum and Bass. He used his previous experiences in the Drum and Bass and Techno scene to mould his production style.

Unsatisfied with the results he was getting from producing and due to the luck of equipment he had, Squadron started to deejay again, this time under the name of Squadron Audio. He became a resident DJ in a number of southern Germany's clubs including Stuttgart's club Universum, where he deejayed in many different styles, alongside the likes of Cativo, Raiden, Commix and Tech-Itch,Bad Company etc..

since he is working on his skills there has been a tremendous improvement in Squadron's production technique. Despite making little effort to publicise his tracks Squadron's sound has already gained much attention and respect from a number of DNB producers.

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