Key Commands


Tech House Techno Minimal / Deep Tech House +2


HIROKI HOSOI(Tech house/Techno)
(rapture-sounds / ELEC-TION)
HIROKI which is influenced with Trance Music, ages 2004, starts DJ activity, and is developing energetic activity for many artist costarring on backbone.
It aged 2009, Techno/House and a frame were opened and the track record has so far been steadily gained with the sworn friend Naoto in the big fields, such as Womb, Vision, asia, axxcis, and amate-raxi.
Many audience have been made for a bold effect, equalizing, and the gimmick technique that is his pronouns to groan at arms.
I would like to feel on a floor his play style which makes full use of Funky Track and changes into a smiling face all the human beings that hear it by all means.
It aged 2009, "ELEC-TION" was put into operation, and the free party in the aviation commemoration park in 2013 was also a great success.
I would like to observe his future motion.


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