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Cem Ozturk

Istanbul, Turkey

My first relation with electronic music began in 2000.It was such a love that after a while I realized that, listening was no longer enough for me.
From this moment, my biggest wish was being a part of this music and I decided to be a DJ.

After spending days and nights without sleeping and very hard working, in 2002 my dream came true and I started playing my warm-up sets in clubs finally.

I've played in most of the clubs in Istanbul and also some festivals so far.

Currently, spining my live sets in RADIO FG, the best electronic music radio in Turkey.

My biggest dream at the moment is being a famous producer.

I usually prefer playing deep sounds such as deep techno , deep house and progressive house.I like them playing in higher BPM's (Like 130 BPM's)
Honestly I can say that this is my style...
But sometimes it happens that I find myself playing tech house,techno or trance.
It varies according to my mood as you understand.

Just listen and enjoy the moment of my livesets are playing..

My mixes are completely live, I hate using sync! I don't respect anyone who uses that...

Maybe I'm old-school about this but in my opinion, using sync looks like, wearing a fake Armani suit and feeling yourself as if you're the best looking guy in the party :)

You can also easily reach and download my podcasts from itunes by writing my name to the search section.


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