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Nick Ross

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Nick Rossonis (Nick Ross) was born in Athens, Greece in May 1982. His father from Greece and his mother from Serbia, with the Rossoni family to have Italian roots and his grandmother, from the mother's side, to be from Lebanon. You understand that he inherited different cultures and philosophies that will affect growing, adding the sounds and musical knowledge.

He started with music from an early age, creating pop groups, several years before the first boy band created in Greece. But because of his military service he was unable to complete his plans. But nothing could stand in front of his great love for music and so after finishing his military service he started with the industry of dj's in early 2000.

Originally started playing music in various private party and events and then in clubs of Athens and country, as a resident and as a guest:

Messiah Club (Asteria Glyfadas), W Poolside Dreams (Glyfada), Dekko Summer (Eirinikos), Bo (Voula), Shisha Summer (Peace and Friendship Stadium), Dream City DC North (Mellisia), Luv (Thiseio), Taj Mahal (Alexandras Av.), Moresco (Psyrri), Why Sleep? (Gkazi), Secreto (Gkazi), Voodoo Restaurant Bar (Gkazi), Yoo (Gkazi), Bodrum Bar Restaurant (Glyfada), B Unique (Kolonaki), Eλ Greco (Kolonaki), Barak Bar (Kolonaki), Kapelo Music Bar (Kolonaki), Shisha Club (Piraeus), Αστέρια Γλυφάδας (Asteria Glyfadas), Vega (Monastiraki Center), Vanilla Project (Psyrri), Oxygen (Glyfada), Enzzo de Cuba (Bournazi), Padre Padrone (Kallimarmaro), Papagalos (Gkazi), Ex Code (Gkazi), Architecture Rock Cafe (Zografou), Clock (Halandri), Talk & Drink (Metamorfosi), Άλλα Ελληνικά (Psyrri), Συν Αθηνά (Thiseio), De La Luz (Mikrolimano), Mini Taj (Panormou), Bar Code (P.Ralli), Mύλος Club (Polydrosos, Parnassou), Taj Mahal (Santorini), Jojo (Santorini), Fortezza Club (Rethymno, Crete), Xylokastro Beach Bar (Melissi, Corinthias), Public Music Bar (Trikala), Μπλέ Beach Bar (Kourouta Beach, Amaliada), My Karma (Lefkada), Mystique Club (Salamina), Cutty Sark (Lavrio), Faros Club (Milos), La Costa Club (Nea Makri), Brachera Music Bar (Spetses), Αλόννησος Beach Bar (Loutraki), Alati Club (Loutsa), Buzz Music Bar (Aigio), Elysee Beach Bar (Karvounoskala, Oropos) and much more.

While in 2011 he made his first appearance abroad:

Grand Casino Beograd (Belgrade, Serbia)

He also had the music editing in various events:

- Mr and Mrs International 2010. (Messiah Club, Asteria Glyfadas)
- Miss Tourism 2010. (Messiah Club, Asteria Glyfadas)
- Nike event with special guest the NBA star Kevin Durant.
(The Mall Athens, Μarousi)
- Nike event with special guest the 2012 Euroleague Champions club of Olympiakos Piraeus B.C. (Nike Factory Store Piraeus, Piraeus)
-Nike event with special guest the soccer player Haris Mavrias, for the presentation of the Mercurial soccer shoes. (Athens Indoor Football 5x5, Kifisia)
-Nike event, Hypervenom Athens Knockout, for the presentation of the Hypervenom soccer shoes.

He has also collaborated with various artists, singers, bands, dj's, radio producers and mc's, from the domestic and international music scene:

Akcent, Morandi, Avsr, Mikele, Adrianos Papadeas, Anna Maria Charokopou, Cleopatra Phyntanidis, G-Pal, Nikos Mouratidis, Kostas Zikos, Costas Sitopoulos, Reckless, Master Tempo, Vegas, Thirio, Lava, Taraksias, Tns, Midenistis, Stereo Mike , Bo, Ipoxthonios, Chris Zan Batist, Phyrosun, Alexis Delta, Ominus, Vip, Panos Kallidis, Lucas Giorkas, Maria Makri , Valantis, Maro Lytra, Constantinos Christoforou, Maria Iacovou, George Sambanis, Fanela Rige, Eva Giovanekou, Natalie Thanou, Mark Angelo, Shaya, Myronas Stratis, Tamta and many others.

From 2011 he started his first steps as an amateur radio producer to a web radio station.

And he presented his first personal compilation which continues with new releases:

He also participated in the contest of Movida Corona in 2011 taking the fifth position among 360 dj's from all over Greece, reaching the semi-finals of the competition. Mohito Bay (Saint Marina, Attica)

Music is his life nd the aim is to make people have fun and dance.

His sounds are mainstream and ranging across the spectrum of the music industry, without discrimination on the types of music.

His dj set consisting of a mixture with hits and personal choices from today, yesterday and tomorrow.

"Wherever you are, whatever you do, music is with you..."

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