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Plamen K

Bulgaria Progressive House Deep House Tech House +2

Plamen K was born on February 15 1988 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Among other things his passion are the graphic and web design.
Dj mixing is more like a hobby for him,
as he likes to relax listening to the pleasant sounds
of the electronic music.
He had his own show on the late ADN Alternative (R.I.P),
"Progressive Minds", and after he met DJ Sinai
they decided to join efforts for show's hosting.
They changed the name of the show to "The Savagery Show',
but unfortunately ADN Alternative has been closed soon after that.
To name few of the notable guests to the show:

d-phrag, keekos, dj sinai, deep-z,
lacandon, yeahman, dj d.denchev, chris bau,
odman & sayegh, faces, dj onirika...

In 2008 d-phrag & Plamen K decided to join forces as a creative duo
to explore the boundaries of contemporary progressive electronic music.
Their identical musical preferences reflect in numerous mixsets,
discovering the wide range of music that fells into "progressive" definition.
Since the summer of 2008 they are performing together
and caleld their show "Alterations",
meaning the constantly evolving nature of the music.

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