Key Commands

Phunktek System

House Funk / Soul / Disco Electronica / Downtempo Indie Dance / Nu Disco +3

Peppe Taliercio aka Phunktek System, was born in Ischia (Italy) in
1977. Since young ages has a strong passion for music, often
listening to records kept at home by the parents of all kinds of
artists, such as: Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, James Brown, Depeche
Mode, Kraftwork and many more! In the early 90's nod to electronic
music, around the summer of 1992 when a private party feel 'playing a
different tune by two DJs, a genre called House Music! The love for
that kind of music led Him to attend many of clubs and situation
around Italy until the late 90's. Time when he began his passion for
the mix and dj-ing. From 2002 to 2010, he moved abroad, living in
cities' like London, New York and Miami, where he perfects technique
and experience, playing and attending the various underground
situations of this city. The proposed sound in his DJ sets is global
influences with electronic, Mix of modern sounds and deep, tech,
experimental with old skool contamination, from a broad musical
knowledge. Currently producing electronic music for various labels
with a few releases. Genre Deep House, Deep Tech, Techno, Nu Disco,Electronic

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