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Phunk Investigation

Province of Naples, Italy Tech House Techno House

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Phunk Investigation is a duo formed in Italy on the year 2000, well known for their incredible mainstream work with George Michael 'Flawless' and The Ones to their skilfully crafted club grooves and dubs. Both are DJs & music producers. Their trademark sharp synths have been morphed into a funk nightmare, while the beefy production and intense breakdowns show us why no one should mess with The Phunk. Their record label are Phunk Traxx, Miniatures Records and the Absolutely Records. The Phunk Investigation are well-known for their music style “Techno”, thanks to their collaborations and remixes with some of the top profile DJs as Umek, John Acquaviva, Danny Tenaglia, and many others. They have been Guest Djs in the best clubs in Europe and around the World consolidating their fame at an international level. In 2008 the Duo reached the Ibiza Dj Awards final in the category of “International Dj Newcomer”.
Their bottom line push 100% street up unique techno set Music for fans, lovers of a piece impervious to the logics of mass-production.
From August 2015 some changing inside the duo......Dino left!

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