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Phos Toni

Frankfurt, Germany

Phos Toni swings the vinyl in the old DJ manner. He mesmerizes the audience with his major repertoire of refreshing and melodic house & electro records and his distinctive, virtuosic-ground shaking way of swinging the vinyl.

Phos Toni has been making noise, especially in the international electro-swing scene, since the start of the hype in 2010. He has been a major impact on the scene with his sets, including his Swing-That-Vinyl-Series, which is highly coveted on the internet.

As a producer he releases his tracks on the popular German Recordlabels "Ostfunk", "Ton Liebt Klang" and organizes the "Electro Swing Elite", the well known mix-label for internationally performed Electro-Swing mixsessions.

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