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Plovdiv, Bulgaria Techno Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House

Support from:
Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Guy J, King Unique, Marc Marzenit, Fairmont, Ryan Davis, Dibby Dougherty, Microtrauma, Cid Inc, Deepfunk, Moonbeam, Paul Hazendonk..

Releases on:
• Paradigma Musik
• Wide Angle
• Parquet
• Flow Vinyl
• Cinematique
• Manual Music
• Somebodys Story



Triple R & Roland M Dill - Kunstkopf (PHM Remix) [Unofficial]
PHM - Fragments of Despair EP [Strange Town]
Dual Shaman - Winds of Rust (PHM's Corrosive Remix) [Cinematique]
Home Video - Accomplished but Dead (PHM Remix) [Progrezo]
Guy Gerber - Timing (PHM's 'Let It Flow' Remix) [Unofficial]
PHM - Nephele EP [3 Liquid Hz]
Sasha - Cut Me Down (PHM Remix) [Unofficial]
PHM - Reflections EP [Cinemaique]
PHM - Arcadia EP [Wide Angle]
She Wants Revenge - Take The World (PHM's Innermost Remix) [Unofficial]
PHM - Cloudburst EP [3 Liquid Hz]

PHM - Spotless Mind EP [Strange Town]
Mono Electric Orchestra - Lunar Cycle (PHM's Obscured Remix)
PHM - Until The Seas Run Dry EP [Wide Angle] incl Dual Shaman Remix
Federico Epis - The End (PHM Remix) [Flow Vinyl]
Tomi Chair - The Blurred Scenery (PHM Remix) [Somebodys Story Music]
Timmo - In a Cage (PHM Remix) [Strange Town]
PHM - Etherealization EP [MNL]
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Room 101 (PHM's Hypnotic Rework) [Paradigma Musik]
PHM - Lonely Shore (Original Mix) [Somebodys Story Music]
PHM - Le Temps Détruit Tout (Original Mix) free
Philip James De Vries - Just Like Haze (PHM's Purple Haze Remix) [Wide Angle]
Borealis - Orphan Fire (PHM Remix) [Origami Sound]

PHM - Marionette (Original Mix) [Strange Town]
PHM - Nebulae EP [Grrreat Recordings]
PHM - Traumwelt (Original Mix) [Wide Angle]
Corps Exquis - Shade (PHM Remix) [INLAB Recordings]
PHM - Opalescent (Original Mix) free
PHM - Arachne (Original Mix) free
PHM - Panic (Original Mix) [Strange Town]
Nadia Struiwigh - Bit-Bites (PHM Remix) [Cinematique]
PHM & Minski - Echoes Of Silence EP [MNL]
Jaap Ligthart - Hasseldub (PHM Remix) [MNL]
PHM - A Moment Stolen EP [Wide Angle] incl. Oliver Lieb Remix
PHM - Agonia (Original Mix) [Parquet Recordings]
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Constant (PHM Remix) [Somebodys Story Music]
PHM - Apatía (Original Mix) [Manual Music] Manualism 7.0

Giorgos Gatzigristos - Town (PHM Remix) [Cinematique]
Hells Kitchen - Trial (PHM Remix) [Blendwerk]
Groj & Van Did - Phare (PHM Remix) [Grrreat Recordings]
PHM - Translucent (Original Mix) free!
David Young - Habu (PHM Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
PHM - Sentiment [Agara Music]
PHM - Depraved (Original Mix) free!


PHM & Minski - Lethe EP [Manual Music] February
PHM - Indifference EP [Flow Vinyl] March


Sample Libraries

Loopmasters - Progressive House Melodies

ShamanStems - Dark Progressions

Loopmasters - Deep Melodic Techno

Sounds To Sample - Altered States of Techno

Sounds To Sample - Dark and Minimal Vol. 1

Sounds To Sample - Dark and Minimal Vol. 2

Sounds To Sample - Dark and Minimal Sylenth Presets

Sounds To Sample - Progressive Techno

B2B - Techno Bass Shots

B2B - Mini MIDI Melodics

B2B - Techno Bass Shots Vol.2

Waveform Recordings - Deep Techno 2

B2B - Analogue Fragments (release date - January 16th)

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