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I'll start by saying that I pay for all my music that isn't given to me directly by the producing Artist. If you've ever tried producing music in FL Studio or Ableton, you know how much work goes into making a top quality tune. If you find an artist you like, buy their tracks! If they can't make any money to support making music as a job or hobby, it might be the last track you ever hear from them! *GASP!*

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Monthly Mix Throwdown Rules per year:
2012 - Mix mission is to learn and perfect a Harmonic mixing technique. Limited prep is allowed, track listening only allowed to key tracks, no pre-learning drops etc. First time playing tracks recording and one shot recording only. No Post-Production editing. March Status: 9 Mixes, and 1000+ plays in the month of January. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS LISTENED!

2011 - Mix mission was to do one shot mixes with prep only consisting of listening to Beatport / Juno sample of tracks. First time playing tracks, and only one shot at recording. No Post-Production editing. Ended with 27 mixes in 12 months.

2010 - Mix Mission was to do one shot mixes, at least one mix per month for the entire year. No prep allowed other than picking the tracks on Beatport. First play of tracks and first take of recording only. Ended with 16 mixes in 12 months.

If you dig one or maybe not so much, drop me a message or a comment, don't hate...PARTICIPATE!

All my mixes are done on the following equipment:

- 2 Technics 1200 MK3D Turntables
- Vestax PMC-05 Pro MK IV Mixer
- Sony MDR-700 Headphones
- Traktor 2.1.2 for Recording
- Oxygen8 MIDI Controller*
- FaderFox MicroModul LV2*

* - Only used for outboard effects chaining and mixes will have a [2] at the end of their title.

[Vestax PMC-07 Pro II Mixer] - RIP 1/1/2012
It served me faithfully for 8 years so it deserves credit here.

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