Key Commands

Peter Schmid

Budapest, Hungary Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House

He was born in 1982 in the heart of Eastern Europe, Budapest. He first met electronic music in 1996, when the dominant music styles of the region were mainly rave and techno. Peter felt straightway that he had found his place in this world, it was truly love at first sight.
He has begun dj'ing in 2006 but only for his own and friends' entertainment. After sending out a few promo mixes a Net Radio has offered him a 1-hour broadcast, once a week in 2007. His programme called 'Minimal Bazaar' was on for 1,5 years.
He also played live several times in a Budapest bar and has been hired for many private parties.
Peter is devoted to the music business and hadn't rested satisfied with being a DJ therefore decided to start producer work in 2008, putting enormous energy and time in it. His palette of interest is wide, you can find marks of techno, tech-house and various other soundings in his music style. He truly has no limits, after writing a soul-touching tech-house song he turns to minimal or harder sounds in the next minute.

One thing is for sure - as long as he has limbs he won't stop playing music!

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