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Peter Pleser DJP

Ljubljana, Slovenia House Deep House Tech House Indie Dance / Nu Disco +7

PETER PLESER, is without a doubt one of the main pioneers when it comes to DJing in Slovenia and one of the best and most respected dj's in Slovenian club scene.
He got his respect in his long career of over 25 years since he started djing in the 80's when he was filling dance floors of many clubs in Slovenia and abroad.
With his undeniable sense for music and breaking the boundaries of classical DJing he is on a throne as one of the best DJs in this part of Europe.
His shows are unique, dynamic, full of energy and really a once in a lifetime experience that moves all the way
from energetic house styles to the vocally fullfilled, deep, tribal and techhouse sounds which are also his main music style.
Peter Pleser is a ''driver of records'', who sits firmly on his throne, and with his distinguished taste and knowledge of music it is no wonder
he was crowned as a Guru of good music by the masses.

At one time he decided that mixing the tracks wasn't enough for him and he put some of the energy into producing his own tracks and making remixes for others

At that time he also decided to start working wolrdwide and organizing events in places he was resident DJ.
This gives him opportunities to work with a known djs like Bob Sinclair, David Morales, Syke N Sugar, Arno Cost,Alfred Azzetto, Ian Carey and lots more.

Nevertheless DJing is something that gives him a sense of strong connection with his devoted audience like nothing else does. can bring nothing but pure pure pleasure!

Nick names:

DJ Peter Pleser
DJ Pero
DJ Crazy P
DJ Housetronic



Discography :

2006 Magnetic Boogie Pres. Peter Pleser – I Will... (Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings)
2007 Dan Rubel Ft. Erin Perry – In The Sunshine Pleser Rmx (Guajira Recordings)
2009 Filippo Fedetto Ft. Midnite Fellas - A Good Time Peter Pleser Rmx (Housepacific Recordings)
2009 Christian Hornbostel Pres. Zons Of Zambesi - Zambesi Peter Pleser Rmx (Xibaba Recordings)
2009 NG Project Ft Sarah Chris - Got In Me Peter Pleser Rmx (Housepacific Recordings)
2010 Christian Hornbostel inv. Harriet Roberts - Devotion (Peter Pleser Remix)
2011 Peter Pleser - Kontakt (Zoya Records)
2012 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Stars in Heaven E.P. (In My House)
2013 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Too Much Trouble (Hocus Pocus Recordings)
2013 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Heard it (Abracadabra Recordings)
2013 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Epic (Mind The Gap Records)
2014 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Ego (Abracadabra Recordings)
2014 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Move Your Feet (The Groove Phenomena)
2014 Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Far Away From Home E.P. (The Groove Society)

Forthcoming releases:

Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - Fallin
Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - The Voice
Mark Drake & Peter Pleser - The Box

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