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Peter Fraud

Belgrade, Serbia Progressive House

My name is Petar Kastratovic and I'm also known as Peter Fraud. I'm 17 years old producer from Serbia, Belgrade. Thanks to the internet, I got into EDM music at young age because i was tired of popy music. I started researching artists and finding new songs, I couldn't get enough of it. I was fascinated by all of the sub-genres, but progressive house meant something special to me.Later I found out that I don't need to million-dollar studio to make EDM myself. My research always led to FL Studio so I decided : "I'm going to see every tutorial about FL Studio, make music and make people feel in the same way other artist made me feel", and thus it went. Now I'm presenting my tracks to the world, dreaming of big stages and signing to record label so more people can hear my songs and experience them.

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