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Peter Ryan

United Kingdom Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House Tech House Techno +2

music history/bio
Peter Ryan Began his love of music at a very young age listening to his brothers Soul/Funk tapes always being played in the house in the late 1970/80s along with Ska & Reggae. And old school electro as a body popper in a break dance crew, Then in 1988/89 became transfixed with the sound that is House music.
Which in turn gave him the inspiration, in the late eighties to buy his first set of turntables and start a long term adventure into DJing/Producing and Hunting vinyl at Places Like Vinyl Exchange And Eastern Block in Manchester/Beat Street in Bolton - Fourth wave in Huddersfield The Home of Phat as Phuck Records and Various others around the Country
After having some great experience’s in various locations throughout the Northwest and Leeds, as these places was the hub of where it was all happening in the late eighties early nineties.
attending events at Quadrant park in Liverpool, the Warehouse in Leeds The Kaos parties, and the legendary Hacienda Manchester, Upfront all Nighters at Stalybridge, and Chester, as well as Hackett’s in Blackpool .and also locally in Middlesbrough at the Havana and Butterloggie's & many others, and and where the illegal scene took off at the Blackburn Parties.
At this time the North West was the place to be amazing events and unforgettable times.
In June 1990 he visited Ibiza for the first time this was a real eye opener referred to as Ecstasy Island in those days. Then on return he moved to London for 9 months taking in the fantastic London scene and back to Ibiza. And through all these different and amazing Experiences started a club night in his home town of Darlington at club Lucy’s, on a Wednesday and Saturday night and also establishing some afterhours party’s that became legendary in the area.
Then in the early to Mid-90s he opened Darlington’s first specialised Record Shop, with Dom Murray who then became involved in the Production side of Things, with the very Successful Quality Producer Chris Scott/Lexicon Avenue/EchoMen who together under the artist name of Green Cloud, Released two EPs on Green Cloud Recordings . The Dungeon Dancin EP Released on Global Beat Records from Bradford & The Green Cloud Club Crash Released on the great Phat as Phuck Records & House Skulkers Released on Phuture House and Disco.
Peter continued to progress with cutting edge sounds in his own distinctive style of djing right up till 2002, with residency’s at various venues around the UK. He then decided to have a three year break mainly down to the fact that the UK music scene had become stagnant.
He came back to the scene in 2005 at the legendary Thimbleberry music festival in Stanhope, alongside his old-school musical sparing partners DJ Dom DJ Mooch & Mike Dowson. In disfunktion underground tent, where they made such and impact they were asked to host it twice yearly for the next 4 years until it sadly finished And also playing at and hosting various other parties along the way.
Then hooked up local underground DJ Mike Dowson aka Marv Hollywood at the time & great musician/producer Rob Morris who became Deaf by Dawn, with various releases on Progress Recordings, New Era Recordings, Red Robot Records, Cubic Recordings, Shiva Recordings, Moxi Recordings, Twister Tunes to name but a few.
Since returning to the scene in 2005, Peter has been working hard to re-establish himself as a cutting edge DJ again and receiving recognition from world renowned artists that have been in the scene for decades.
In the last couple of years he has been privileged to play at some huge events both here in the UK, Europe and other locations around the world, playing alongside some the world’s biggest names and up and coming quality artists.
And in the process has made some great new friends and gained a lot of inspiration on the way. Playing in BCN and in Ibiza for flyzik/vandal deluxe were highlights of 2012, with new events and parties on the horizon.
Peter has built up amazing support from around the world over the last few years with his soundcloud profile and other social media for his dj mixes. With absolutely no thought put into it just simple recording/podcasts of what he has picked up at that time. Using cutting edge promo’s fresh releases from lots of different artist mixed in his own distinctive style, but still keeping to the ethos that it’s other peoples music that is being played with passion.
In Peters own words please don’t look into my dj mixes to much as they are not planned just simply having fun playing through fresh tunes and recording the adventures.
Anybody who has heard me play knows the score I come to move the crowd I strive to do the business every time I play. There’s always awesome music available to play and having the experience to play the right records at the right time is a big plus.
House music for ever!!!

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