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Pedro Panona

Almería, Spain Techno House DJ Tools Minimal / Deep Tech +2

Energetic, dynamic, hypnotic, elegant, overwhelming...are some of the adjectives to define this Spanish Dj and producer's music.
Since he was 9 years old music has been his way of life, plus dancing, piano and drummer, to the age of 14 he payed full attention to Electro music.
Dj at the best clubs of the South and East of Spain also organizer of many events and music projects such as "After Club The One" or at top clubs like "Sala Cielo" and "Budha".
Resident Dj in the best Almería and Murcia Clubs: BBME, Maui Beach, or ON. Also played at important international events; Volmolen Amberes (Belgium) or Ember Bar (London). He's shared music cabin with top international and national Dj's.
His music sessions con go from the most elegant Tech-House to the most blunt Techno.
As a producer, in 2009, with his first EP track "Waiting" managed to get into Patrick M chart for his European 2010 Tour, making his tracks able to be listened and bought all around the world.
Managed to be Top1 on International and National record labels and Top10 on the Squad Music!, record label incharge of producing high quality artists: Benny Benasi, Taito Tikaro, Axwell, Tim Berg, Martin Solveig and many others.
At the moment is producing and working for Spanish and English record labels.
No doubt he's a genuine and fresh new bit to follow!! Pedro Panona.

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