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Paul Gilmore

Innsbruck, Austria Deep House Techno Progressive House

Paul's musical journey began in the mid 90's, when he was exposed into house music. The good old days of house music. Back then house music was still imported from the USA. Chicago, to be exact. American house we used to call it and spent hours in the record stores, browsing through the lists. Just to back order a couple of copies of the 12 inch vinyl. Yes, back then the internet was the devil’s tool and the mp3 was yet unborn.

Moving to the United Kingdom for studies in the late 90′s, opened up his horizons in music, where he found himself in the motherland of all music electronica. Cream, Void, Ministry of Sound, all these were places yet to be discovered by a young ignorant Greek. Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, were nothing but labels and genres to music. Back then of course, one used to hear tracks and say: “Oh, that is so Paul Oakenfold!” or “Definitely something John Digweed or Sasha would play!”. Global Underground was still in the womb.

Music Production came in the early 00's. Ever since he is evolving his production skills and improving his diversity to styles and genres. Never really limited his range to one particular genre. He is always curious and wanted to try out stuff, whether that is house, progressive house, trance, minimal, hip-hop or lounge. Although he am a hard-core 4-to-the-floor kinda guy, he always thought that the musical spectrum is 1000 miles long; why would he just stay on the first 10 miles?

Around 2011 he created the Imports Series Podcast, dedicated to a small friend supporter base. Amazingly, that small fan base actually increased and his music found its way into many hard drives and iDevices. Several thousand plays and downloads in SoundCloud and iTunes! True Story…!

"Dream Big and Move Forward. Be patient, persistent and don’t give up on your Goals. If you work hard, you will be rewarded in the end. It might take a while, but it would be worth it. "

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