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Pascal Hetzel

Pforzheim, Germany Techno Deep House House Tech House

Pascal Hetzel was born in 1988 in Pforzheim (Germany).
He started djing already at an early age. When he was 13 years old
his parents presented him his first turntables. He learned the techniques of mixing and soon he recorded his first mixtapes. After about one year of experimenting with hiphop-sounds and turntablism, he discovered his love for electronic music.
It took several years till he found his own style.

In 2008 Pascal met Gunnar Schneider. Pascal and Gunnar found the DJ Duo
"Soul Amplifier". They played together at several local clubs and parties. Unfortunately they had discovered that they have different imaginations for their career. It was the end of "Soul Amplifier".

After a short creative break, he started to continue his work as a DJ.
Now he's playing in clubs like SISYPHOS (Berlin), STUDIO 22 (Liege), LA RUCHE (Lausanne) and THE WOOD (Brussels) where he's also resident DJ.

Pascal has several releases out , including original tracks for Eintakt , Wood Rec , Joint Nation , a remix for KiNK and Sierra Sam on Upon.You and many more to come very soon ...

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