Key Commands


Drum & Bass

Julien Kenney aka Parallax, is a 19 year old U.S. born and bred Neurofunk artist. Being tired of the usual electronic scene in the states, he bought Dieselboy's Dungeon Master's Guide in 2005 and then quickly grew interested in the fast breakbeats and funk inspired basslines.

After trying his hand at DJ'ing he decided to give producing a try, using FL Studio since he was 16 and hasn't looked back. Taking inspiration from past artists such as Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, and Stakka & Skynet, he molds their old funk inspired basslines into the new age of newer techniques and sound design. Being interested in Sci-Fi films and video games, he decided to attend college to study audio for film, in the hopes of making a career out of his passion of futuristic sound.

2012 will be a busy year for Parallax, production wise and DJ'ing, spreading funk to new crowds. Watch this space!

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