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Pandora - Mental Drop Rec

Paris, France Minimal / Deep Tech Techno Trance Psy-Trance

Pandora fell in love with music at a very young age, starting by the piano which she played for 9 years. Developing her musical skills, she then took up the guitar for 3 years.

When she discovered electronic music in 2007, Pandora decided to take up mixing and to buy her first turntables in 2010.
After 6 months of vinyl djing, she switched to CDs in order to mix the tracks she wanted, with multiple influences from the labels Iboga Records, Tesseract Records, Echoes Records and Ovnimoon Records.

In 2012, Pandora joined her first label, Mental Drop Record based in Italy.

Since her first appearence as a Djane in 2011, Pandora had the opportunity to participate in many events, parties and festivals, organized by Chromoz'Aum, Morning Vibrations, La Goache, Maninkari Crew, StereOrganic, Oreades Productio, Trance Mission, Ibiscus, Gaia Concept, Tanzbäre Bern, Atomes, Mandala Record, Psybox Jungle Visions & more.

She already had the opportunity to play along Gnaia, Ephedrix, Solaris, Patara, Ipotocaticac, Brujo's Bowl, Ellis Thomas, Goayandi, Xuranium, Pym's, Drenan, Groove Inspektorz, Dust, Ridden, Kala Twisted and Hilight Tribe.
She has made people dance in France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Netherlands.

Always in search of voyage and musical experiences, her choice in her tracks leads to a warm and positive atmosphere, often accompanied with swinging and mind-blowing melodies.

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