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Montreal, QC, Canada Tech House Techno House

Juan Terneus aka Ozen was born in Ecuador and now stablished in Montreal.

Since he was a little kid he was always been influenced by electronic music. As he grew up he became more interested to Djing. He had the opportunity to share his music in some parties in town, with some time in the local scene he became more recognized and gain confidence of his audience. Attracted by house, techno, his music relies from very groovy bases until minimalistic atmospheric sounds.

Juan Terneus aka Ozen
Ecuadorian Dj/Producer born and raised in Quito now based in Montreal, QC. His love for electronic music started since he was a young kid. Following his passion Ozen started playing in different small parties in town and gained confidence from his audience. His groovy organic house roots gave him a good path in the local scene while gathering experience and knowledge. Now experimenting more with minimalistic ambient sounds, solid beats and hypnotic repetition he had created an interesting taste in his mixes. During his young career he was part of different events playing alongside international artists such as Felipe Venegas, Jonas Kopp, Felipe Valenzuela, Kevin Yost, among others.

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