Key Commands


Electro House House Progressive House

Straight out of California, the Brazilian American duo known as OUI have come to Explode the Progressive/Electro house scene. “OUI, translates to “yes” in French, and phonetically sounds like “we” in English. It takes on two meanings for us; the first being a positive reinforcement on achieving our dreams, and the second being a desire to share our love and passion with everyone around us. Because we realize that without you, our dream of sharing our music and spreading the love of house music would never be possible!”
Merging influence of percussive House music from Brazil, and melodic Progressive House from America, these producer/dj’s bring an extremely dynamic range of style to the table, and thats just in the studio! “When we’re producing, we’re dreaming. When we perform, thats when we start living!” Their passion and love are infectious as they take over the night, and leave everybody with unforgettable memories.
OUI is as much a pair of friends on a mission to party and share their passion and unique style of house music with the world, as it is a movement to believe in dreams and to spread the love that house music can cultivate! OUI is here to lead the way, and OUI are here to stay.

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