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Glitch Hop Breaks Electronica

"Dj,Producer,Remixer,Mastering Engineer"
Born in Italy. He begins his career as a Dj in 1990, playing his first albums in various clubs in his hometown.

After two years , he begins to learn new mixing and mastering technologies, improving and personalizing them. From there the decision to participate in various mixing competions, obviously always in his hometown.

Afterwards, thanks to textbooks and specialized magazines he draws nearer to the complex world of hardware, indispensable for musical productions, overwhelming him and brings him closer to the "Show Sets", mixing the beauty of analogic with the precision of digital (Digital Samplers,Synth,Sequencer,...).

His gig as a Dj continues with the running of musical programmes,which are heard in many radio stations in his city. He works with other Dj's for the realization and the conducting of a T.V. programme,participtating in many different events in his city.

A few years later he begins to work in a record shop. His main duty was to show all different products and new Dj/Producer technologies.

Two years later with the help of various artists from different musical cultures, he begins writing and developing new productions...therefore creating a real production team that combines emotion, passion and experience.

In the following years he finds himself promoting and inaugurating new trendy nightclubs in his city, favouring the sonority of "electronic" music. Only this last year do things really change, inaugurating the B-SIDE, the first real alternative nightclub in Italy.

He becomes the Friday night Dj resident and contributes in the organisation of various important events, succeeding with an enormous success, introducing and making them appreciate new sounds, which go from electronic music to breakbeat, hosting V.I.P.

At the present he is working on the production of new records and soundtracks. He is also working together with various artists, taking care of their remixes and masterings. He is still playing his music for events around the WORLD !!

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