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Otkun (Zenon recs | Enig'matik recs)

Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Minimal / Deep Tech Psy-Trance Chill Out +2

Otkun is the project of Othman Sahbi, a moroccan born citizen, now living in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. In 2011, he joined the well known Australian elite label Zenon Records. His music range start @ 90bpm with Psychedelic Glitch Hop|Psystep (Enigmatik recs) to Progressive Psy (Zenon) and Forest Psytrance (Parvati, Sonic Chakra recs…).
From a very early age he has been strongly influenced by electronic music. In 2002 he got his first taste of psy and progressive sound and from then on his thirst for electronic music never stopped. His main inspiration comes from artists such as Sensient, Merkaba, Kalya Scinitilla, Encephalopaticys, Sun in Aquarius, Atriohm,Blindox, Hypogeo and many others. His intention is to play music for those who feel that night psychedelic sounds are not just a ‘fashion’ or style of music but a vision, a way of living and a feeling.
In 2006 Otkun begins to produce music after starting a bachelor degree in UQAM University in Sound Synthesis. From 2010 to 2012, Otkun has been releasing tracks in many major labels such as Cosmic Conspiracy recs, Another psyde recs, Glitchy Tonic recs, Uroboros recs.
Besides his audio work, Othman is also the manager and founder of the label Logic Vision recs based in Montreal, Canada. A very dynamic crew, rocking the north american dancefloors with the best International live-acts in the world. Also co founder of the festival Pandemonium, which is becoming one of the biggest Psytribe gathering in North america, merging the West Coast vibe and the Eastern vibe. In 2012, he joined the excellent australian Glitch Dub crew Enig'matik recs as a label representaive and Dj.
He is also a booking agent, representing great artists such as Felix Greenless aka Terrafractyl|Hypnagog (Australia), Andrea Lughni aka DUST|FOAM (Italy), Nicolas HYPOGEO (italy), The Spectre (France) and many other international artists (Check out the Logic Vision website)

Boom Boolenath <3

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