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Green Bay, WI, USA Dubstep Drum & Bass Glitch Hop +2

Hello Bass Cravers >:D, I'm a 17 year old producer. I enjoy playing the Piano, Guitar, Synthesizers, Euphonium/Baritone, and a little bit of Trombone and Tuba. I have been playing the piano ever since I was young. I use FL Studio to create and mix all of my music. All of my songs are free to download and I hope you enjoy them :) Genres of music that I enjoy listening to is all kinds of Electronic music, all kinds of Metal, all kinds of Jazz, all kinds of Rock (Mainly oldies), Blues, Classical, and Baroque. Big inspirations to my writing would be The Glitch Mob (Biggest Inspiration) which consist of edIT, Boreta, and OOAH, other inspirations would be Skrillex (First exposure to Dubstep) , SirensCeol, Seamless (Learned so much about synthesis from Seamless), and all of the genres of music I enjoy listening to. :D Hope you enjoy my songs ;)

I would like to thank "Dear, in the Headlights" for making some awesome pictures :)

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