Key Commands

Onjai B.

Newark, NJ, USA Electro House House Dubstep Hard Dance +1


Producer. Dancer. Artist. Gamer. Designer. The 1st type of music that caught my attention as a child was video game music. Then house and Baltimore/Jersey club music got me hooked. I've never cared too much about the "Top Hits", in fact, I have a "Fuck Mainstream" attitude altogether. I roll with Electro House music, although I listen to quite a few different genres. But for the most part, tracks I produced will be heavily influenced by electro house (notably dutch house & fidget), ghetto club (Baltimore/jersey/philly), and video game music. I make music that I would listen to, I don't make music for a profit. Just like art and dance, I like to be creative with music production. I am a hoot and a half, and a kickass gamer as well :)

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