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Rotterdam, The Netherlands Techno

ONEDEFINED is the esoteric vision behind Fack It, shadowed by a techno inspired producer, dj, event host and label owner from Rotterdam. Presenting heavily sub-based techno, hypnotizing the mind into mysterious atmospheres where new heights of consciousness are being explored.

With Fack It Events, the Official Fack It Store and Fack It Records ONEDEFINED, aka Karim Rave, is grateful to be part of the still growing techno industry with strong support from people in more than 40 countries around the world.

Raised behind a computer, shaped on the dance floors; Karim found life in electronic music. From a young age he is present in clubs, festival sites, conferences and stages discovering the world of music without boundaries while being inspired by life in general. With his study, scholarships and spare time Karim focused towards his inspiration and found place at companies like Dancefair and Time Warp for rare research towards the overall meaning and experience of techno events. Inspired by truth, Karim managed to distance himself from the mind made person and created space for a new techno inspired concept to arise. A concept where the limitless possibilities of technology are being used to spread a certain vision.

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