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Omey & Orme

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Deep House House

A house music DJ/Production duo deriving from Birmingham UK, the project came together accidentally late in 2011 when two similar house music loving heads, Neil Ormonde and Omagh 'Omey' Mahroof, met in a musical environment that did not quite match their own tastes.

With bass being Birmingham’s main genre the pair started in humble beginnings, plying their underground house sound at bass driven events, predominately appearing as warm up artists. Slowly but surely however, they started to gain recognition in their own right, helped by a number of their tunes being released on record labels such as Element Recordings & Celestial.

Over the last couple of years, with residencies secured at some of the biggest Midlands brands such as GLAS, Coloré, Forward, Fidget and regular appearances at other established events such as Face, 02:31, Spotlight Sessions, The Sunday Club & If Afterparty, the pair have gone from strength to strength. This culminated with an appearance in Ibiza late in 2013 and the tune ‘Callin’ being featured on the Celestial Recordings Tunes of 2013.

So far in 2014 a darker sound has materialised from the duo, especially with their latest track ‘Darker Nights’. Keep an eye out for more in 2014!


Omey&Orme - Darker Nights

Omey&Orme - All About You

Omey, Orme & Socr8tes - Callin'
Celestial Recordings Ibiza Sampler 2013
Celestial Recordings Tunes of 2013

Omey&Orme - Crackt
Omey&Orme - Wormsworth
Omey&Orme - Submergd
House Elements EP on Element Recordings

Fake ID - Room At The Top [Omey & Orme Remix]
Groovedigital Records

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