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Omar Cito Perez

House Electronica / Downtempo Electro House Progressive House +2

Omar “cito” Perez has been working in post production for the past 10 years for top broadcasters and agencies such as DISCOVERY, TQS, TVA, TSN, CTV, IMAX and SIDLEE. He has worked as an online/offline editor, graphic designer, sound engineer, producer and musical director. This vast experience eventually landed him the position of technical director for major ad campaigns including last year’s ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL HOUSE PARTY with the likes of David Beckham, DMC, Russell Simmons, Katy Perry, Missy Elliot, just to name a few. At the same time, Omar devoted his evenings to the underground nightlife scene. He exploited his professional experience to its full capacity, giving birth to multiple musical productions both in the studio and in the clubs. From afro-latin grooves to reggae, from old school to progressive house, and classic rock to blues, his influences have given him the ability to cater the needs of many musical tastes. Devoting special attention to melody, he has always distinguished himself as an emotional musician and as a producer deprived of musical frontiers. On several occasions, he has exposed his talents before local and international audiences alike. As a DJ, he has presented his music in the most coveted venues of the underground house scene. With one of the biggest festival in Canada (DIVERSCITE) acknowledging his talent by booking him for its closing ceremonies at the legendary T-DANCE expecting 40 000 attendees and the lifetime moments performing in front of 6 000 people for the HAVANA club tours in 2002-2003, Omar “cito” Perez is definitely able to handle big crowds and the big expectations that come with it. He is definitely the best of whats to come.

Deciding to bring his production talents from the television and film career onto the house scene, in 2003 he manages to find time and run his own label, Ritmo del Sol recordings, for 5 prosperous years thanks to a track record landing him 3 times on BEATPORT’s coveted TOP 100. In 2009, overworked and overbooked, he decides to devote himself entirely to music in order to produce and compose more of his own originals; thus ending his amazing business venture with the label. Moving on to a more intimate journey towards perfecting his signature sound, he signs on with MILE END records based in his hometown and delivers the promise of a bright future with his single entitled HEARTBROKEN Reprise already charted on Montreal’s afterhours compilation Reflection Session.
Just recently, He signs on with indie powerhouse labels like, Supermarket records (charted multiple times on our coverted TOP100 in many genres of house), SYSTEM RECORDINGS where some of the biggest names in house music find themselves (Sasha and Digweed, Josh Wink, Bad Boy Bill, Toby Emerson, David Garcia, James Zabiela, just to name a few...) and last but not least, KULT records based in NYC. This Dj / Producer now finds himself climbing the charts and having the luxury to choose his remixers and those he remixes. Something he now needs to do in order to better himself and keep his signature sound climbing all the way to the top!
He stopped a long time ago mentioning the Greats he opened for or tag-teamed with... there is no point in doing that when all that matters for him is standing on his own merits.
Find his music on MixMag, Beatport, i-Tunes, TrackitDown and all major outlets.

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