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Berlin, Germany Deep House Tech House Techno House

From the outside, it seems French producer/DJ Samuel Okain (aka Okain) is something of an overnight sensation. In reality has been making music and spinning for over 15 years.
Refusing to conform to mainstream club trends, Okain’s original music and remixes, stand apart in the great abyss of the electronic dance music (EDM) scene...

As house music was incarnated in the basements and warehouses of Chicago, Sam’s music was incarnated in legendary Parisian clubs—home of some of France’s finest inspirations such as Daft Punk and Laurent Garnier. However, Okain’s fervent fascination with hip-hop, soul and jazz by the likes of Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Gang Starr, A Tribe called Quest, and Miles Davis have highly contributed to his fresh dance floor sounds that’s he’s become renown for. His music is best described as groovy, raw, funky, upbeat, diced with bits of old school flavor, always staying true to house and techno based roots.

The past two years have been a whirlwind of success for Okain that has catapulted him into an elite category of world-class (EDM) producers and DJ’s. Release-wise, he’s tossed out handfuls of strong singles, EPs, and remixes via his solo material and also the ‘Handycraft’ collaboration project with French mate, Paul Ritch. Okain’s been a consistent contributor with releases on Tsuba, Quartz Rec, Bpitch Control and Four:twenty Recordings that have been enjoying considerable success in various charts around the globe.

Most noteworthy stand-out productions like: “717,” “Where is Monday,” “Bring Back the Cows,” “Sleepwalking,” “Corner Boys,” and his solid remix of David Pher’s, “Guitaras Sin Cuerdas” (Viva Music).

In order for an artist to achieve widespread success in the music industry today, not only must they bang out tracks and remixes, they must also show equal face time out on the road. With already achieving such a calling, Okain’s powerful dance floor presence has been made known in many of the world’s biggest parties, clubs and festivals, including: all over Europe, China, Japan, North & South America, Canada, Russia and Armenia. Hand in hand with gigs in some of the most famous hot spots like Fabric (London), Rex Club (Paris), Electric Pickle (Miami), Row14 (Barcelona), Sankeys Ibiza (Monza party), Space Ibiza, and Goa (Roma).
Okain enters a glowing bright future with confidence knowing he can deliver the goods. His recent decision to move to Berlin proves he’s set up to play amongst the techno and house heavyweights. Already with plans for another EP in 2012, an inbox full of remixes requests, and a long list of globe trotting gig’s on tap - Okain is a name we’ll be seeing on the charts and on club promotional flyers for many years to come...

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