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Pierre Braun

Cologne, Germany Hardcore / Hard Techno Techno

Pierre (38) was born in 1974 near Cologne, he grew up there and for him Rhineland is the place of joy and openness.

Pierre is more than 22 years in the techno scene.

At the age of 3 years he moved to Cologne. At 14 began a passion for radio and music. He mixed music with a double tape deck and made demos for radio stations. He started as a DJ in a discotheque in Bonn.

At 21 he moved to Bonn, where Pierre started some Internet portals. After years of independence, he started a bourgeois life. Since his 24th birthday he is working at a large German company. First as a programmer and later as project manager. In 2003 Pierre marries and his wife gets three kids (8,7 and 2).

In 2006 Pierre returns under the old artist name “PierreLeFou”. First he looked at the current analog and digital DJ market. 2007/2008 followed step by step to build a home recording studio and in 2009 grows idea of the project “C2H2 Klangkörper”, the idea of deep techno sounds.

To market the tracks itself Pierre founded the label “Klangkorpus” in early 2010. Since May 2011, more than 30 releases are appeared.
Since late 2011 Pierre offers his tracks to other labels.

Pierre Braun is the new star on the sky of the techno scene, when we are talking about “Deep Additive Techno”. This is what Pierre is focused on. But he also has other musical influences, which are usually obvious in his remixes or can also be heard in his Minus EP.

Pierre Braun is inspired and driven by ADHD, which belongs to him just like the air we breathe. With his mobile recorder “Zoom”, he is often on the road and records everything that sounds interesting. Apart from his own productions and remixes, Pierre makes mastering for other artists.

Since April 2012 Pierre founded the new label called „DAT“. DAT stands for „Deep Additive Techno“. The name DAT came as he gave his music a name. Deep Additive Techno describes music that is distributed in 4 variety reverb rooms. Away from near to far far. DAT is deep and dark techno club sound. Something softer, sometimes harder. The music has a low cut at 30Hz and a high cut at 16,000 Hz which is the best way for digital and analog. DAT has many pressure in the low frequencies. The four reverb rooms are compressed differently, before they go into the sum.

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