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Belgium Techno Deep House Hardcore / Hard Techno

Dj, Producer & Remixer.

Mixcloud: <== Lots of banging sets!

First started to listen & mix Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore (8 years long). Afterwards i started listening Techno at the age of 18 with my best friend. I discovered this is the genre i really like the most and felt in love since first time. Couldn't leave Techno genre anymore <3.

Started to mix Techno and buy records on download shops like trackitdown, beatport, Itunes. I began digital with programs and controllers now i have DJM-750K, Traktor A10 Pro 2, 2x Kontrollers X1. My style is quite versatile with everything what Techno has to offer. But i like it pounding, dark & twisted !

Mixed at little party's that my friends organised or some other small party's. I have a radio show every month, 2 hours of Techno on a well known Techno radio => FNOOB techno (

Besides this i like also house (deep) music & after house, some drum'n bass or sometimes Hardcore (back2theroots :p)

My soundcloud page (few productions): @techn0lover
All my mixes here:

Now: Traktor A10 Scratch Pro, DJM-750K, kontroller x2 Mk2 + F1 Remix deck

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