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Oam Akay ((Official))

Germany Techno

Oam Akay is a new DJ and producer from Germany. Middle of the 90’s he discovered his obsession with Techno, preferring Acid at that time. 1999 Oam Akay acquired his first DJ-Equipment and started his aktivities as a DJ at several parties and events. In the first period he was focused on Schranz. Since 2002 he put an emphasis on Psy-Trance and Goa. At the same time Oam Akay extended his DJ-Equipement and began to produce Psy-Trance, at first for his own usage. Since 2010 he is producing Techno, Electro and House, since 2013 solely Techno. Oam Akay’s tracks show a wide variety und diversity.

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