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Dj Noldar

Lug, Bilje, Croatia Deep House Tech House Techno House +1

Arnold Štigler (15.07.1987) aka Dj Noldar
His interest in electronic music started in young days, where he was a techno fan. In high school became a interes to dj-ing! First sets he made (house, electronica, techno), was only for their own soul! 2005 play first time before a small public, at his friends birthday! After this performance he play at several birthday parties and small parties, till 2008! Then comes one year break! At beginning 2009 bought his first own equipment, so he began his sets to share with others over the Internet. 29.12.2009 did their first warm up before biger public! Then 2011 he got invitation to Baranja Sound Fest II! It helped him get out of the shadows, and to start calling him to the clubs and to the internet radio Forced Underground UK FM Internet Radio. 2012 Is receive an invitation to resident on MixedIn Soulful House Radio. 2013 He got again invitation to Baranja Sound Fest IV! He play's monthly one time on the internet radio DREAMBASE underground radio until the end of the year . At the beginning of 2014 He begin with producing, and soon releasing his first track and EP. In 2014 He release many EP, and remixes on great labels. (Some of labels He has released EP: Undercool Productions, Reload Records, High Contrast., Platform 7even, Da Music, Radical Traxx, Infected Hard Traxx, Paranoid Traxx Label, SDL Recordings, Zion Records) At the begining of 2015 His track “Fly“ landed on the 21 place in top 100 techno chart on Betport. His music style is tech house, deep tech and techno, but minimal or minimal techno is for him not strange! He shared the stage with: Jay Lumen, Marko Milosavljević, Kobaya, Microseven, Igor Garnier, Marc Times, Roce, Chimp-e, Funphreak, Gogzy, Walkay, Mladen Banovic, Alejandro Sosa, Chuby, Ivan Medved, Xsalex, Romano De Laurentis, Antoni Angell, Scott Whichello, NSmooth, Michael Kottas, Dj Eti, Louie Mos, Alek, Franco, Terry Jom and many more.

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