Key Commands

Nico Bulla

Tech House Hip-Hop / R&B

I startet dj'ing when I was 13 year's old, after a crazy oldschool hip-hop party with Ted-Shred, T-Moe and dj Alkapulco Roy in Ulm Germany....I was drunk as hell and Dj Alkapulco was playing a mashup between Gangstarr-Full Clip and Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire.....and I thought WHAAAT??? this shit sounds so fucking good!!! and this mix was the reason why I started dj'ing!

One week later, I bought the cheapest turntables that you can buy for money, and I got some old records from my dad.
Then my sister told me that a small club in Ulm was looking for dj‘s. So I asked 3 Friends to start a crew called „Party On Rail Crew“ and after a week dj practice at my home we had the first „Party On Rail“ in this small club called „Schilli“
It was great and we gave this party once a month.
After the second „Party On Rail“ party, T-Moe and Alkapulco Roy asked us for playing the warm up for their party called „Old Kidz On The Block“ and we were fully flashed of playing in front of a big audience and for me it was really like a dream was coming true.

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