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N!cK Dagger

Las Vegas, NV, USA Chill Out Hip-Hop / R&B Electronica / Downtempo

Nick Dagger used to be an average creative artist....he had a job, a girlfriend, some b-boy skills, and spray cans with fat caps. Then one day he discovered scratching and all that changed. No longer interested in anything else, Dagger honed his scratching routines day and night while the girl moved out and the DJ battles took over his life. 10 years later, he is a madman on the turntables, having DJed and competed across North America and Europe. Dagger is now focused on beat production, with a keen ear for unusual sounds and song composition. He is remixing, digging for breaks, bending synths and constantly pushing his sonic limits and the limits of any one who decides to keep company in his laboratory. On any given day you can find him laying down vocals and beats with local artists, whipping up gourmet eats in his kitchen, or on the decks at your local Las Vegas club playing HipHop, house, drum'n bass, dub step, or what ever else the party calls for.

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