Key Commands

Nice and Nasty

Glitch Hop Techno Dubstep House +5

Nice & Nasty is a pioneering dance music label in Ireland.

Established in 1993

Nice & Nasty's stable include local and international thoroughbreds: Derek Carr, Marco Bernardi, The Parallel, Terrence Dixon, Mark O'Sullivan, Rennie Foster, Rob Glennon, Orlando Voorn, Mick Chillage, Tomi Chair, T-Polar, Itokim, Teknik, Tcane, Elpierro, Nachklangmusik, Sourcecode, Tomas Jirku, Jay Riordan & Chymera.

Nice & Nasty are available as a showcase tour featuring Desy Balmer plus C J Bolland, Terrence Dixon, Marco Bernardi or any various of the roster you fancy.

Contact Gareth Whitehead:
Phone +44 16988327169
Email info @ jawmusic .com

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