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Serbia Psy-Trance

Mladen Ivankovic, on Serbian psytrance scene also known as Nemesis. He deals with music production when he found a virtual machine such is VST and figure it out how human creativity, illusion and individual perception in a combination with machines that give you amazing accuracy to sound, together they can made incredible good syntesis of the sound, melody, atmosphere and special effects. Whole this story he merge in one entity thru psychedelic trance music with goa melodies and energy that he further transfer thru jumping parties,with positive charged people. 2010 with friend Daniel Milodanovic he establish Infrasound organization in Subotica city and their mission is to cultivate the positive vibrations and healing energies of psytrance. 2011 Psycore Records relese his first EP under name Fractalized Journey. 2012 new collaboration with his brother Dejen Lampert and friend Alen Momirovic…the band is born…Solar Storm project!

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