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Montevideo, Uruguay Dubstep Chill Out Minimal / Deep Tech Dance

A little something about me:

Student of Systems Eng. and C# coder. In my free time, music compositor, producer and guitar player since long ago.

I have learned Ableton and FL Studio mostly by myself and with the help of some people. And even now I'm still learning some things everyday!

Also I have acquired a good level at music theory when I was a child and thanks to that I can compose music easier (I think).

My hobbies are to practice skate/longboard and play games like Starcraft 2, osu!, Touhou and Aion, plus other kind of things that I can't mention...


More info at:

My Gear
Ableton Live 8.2.2
FLStudio 10
Sony Vegas 11
Sony ACID 7 Pro
Guitar Rig 5
Traktor Pro 2

Some vst's that I use:
SampleTank 2.5
NI Massive 1.3
NI Baterry 3
Orion ToxicIII
reFX Nexus 2
Monome 40h
Tone2 Gladiator 2


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