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Detroit, MI, USA Drum & Bass Glitch Hop Dubstep +1

M.Wagner spent his younger days deep in the world of Detroit techno, heavily influenced by the style of DJs like Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. In 1996, however, he was handed a mix CD by Dieselboy and has been hooked on drum & bass ever since. Wagner spent the early 2000s promoting events in Detroit, but returned to DJing after that. While he remains primarily a drum & bass DJ, Wagner has also been known to play breaks, glitch hop, dubstep and, of course, techno. When banging out dnb tunes, Wagner’s tastes tend toward the heavy neurofunk sounds of artists like Black Sun Empire, the Upbeats, and Noisia. There is only one rule when it comes to M.Wagner’s sets, turn it up and hold on to your subs.

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